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Hello Geographers!

I hope you are al enjoying this sunny afternoon. I have some exciting news about our up and coming events, GIS Day this UPCOMING Wednesday and our annual Wine and Cheese on November 26th.

i) There is an interesting seminar THIS AFTERNOON @ 4pm being hosted by the IHSP (Institute for Health and Social Policy) called "Do We Pay a Health Penalty for Living in Urban Environments?": by Dr. Nancy Ross -- I have attached the poster for this event.

ii) "Geographic Information Systems Day" -- If you have not heard, GIS day is coming up THISWednesday, November 18th. To honour this wondrous day, MUGS is planning a fantastic two-part event:
a) First, a GIS presentation session, "Discover the INCREDIBLE world of GIS" - from 10:30am until 11:30am in Burnside 308. This session will consist of three short GIS research presentations, perfect for geogpraphers who have a passion for the digital world!! Each talk will be approximately ten minutes long with five minutes for discussion...short but oh so sweet! Free refreshments and snacks will be served. Tell your friends and bring the storm! This can be a perfect time to register an impromptu team for the GEOCACHING event int the afternoon.
b) Secondly, a GEO-CACHING CHALLENGE FOR CHARITY in the afternoon starting @1:30 pm!! You may be asking your self "what is geo-caching"? Think of it like a large scale scavenger hunt using GPS units! It is mega cool, so get in on the action: register in teams to participate in this urban scavenger-hunt-race. The winning team's donation will go to the charity of their choice! The event will take less than an hour, it's not too late to register @ mcgillgeography@gmail.com.

Yummy snacks and warm refreshments will be available after the challenge, by donation. And more good news: this event is open to all departments!

To register a team please email mcgillgeography@gmail.com with the following information ASAP:
1) Your Team Name
2) Names of all your team members
3) Your department
4) Do you own or have access to an iphone or GPS enabled device?

iii) The Annual Geography Wine & Cheese --THE DATE HAS OFFICIAILLY BEEN SET. The W&C will be taking place on Thursday, November 26th @ 6pm to 9pm. As we always aim to promote more sustainable events, you can look forward to local and delectable finger foods at this year's W&C. Mmmmm! Don't forget to DRESS TO IMPRESS.
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