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i) 'Coffee & Cookies' - Come out for our weekly 'Coffee and Cookies' event this Monday in the geography lounge (Burnside 305) @ 12:30. It's a great chance to munch and mingle with fellow Geographers!"

ii) HARVEST GAMES - Congratulations to Kate Trincsi the winner of our 'CANDY COUNT' contest! Kate guessed 205 candies, the actual number of candies in the jar was217! Great job Kate! Come out this Monday to claim your prize!

I'm am also happy to announce that our 'weigh it to win it' event was a TIE. Let the 'HARVEST GAMES' continue! We will be having a final elimination round, a 'WEIGH-OFF' prior to our weekly 'Coffee and Cookies' event @ 12:20 in the MUGS lounge! An EPIC Winner-take-squash Final Weigh-Off will be taking place in which of our two contestants Max and Kelly will be given another chance to guess the precise weight of our organic squash. The winner will be crowned/'sash'ed Geographer of the Month and their photo will be taken and hung with honour in the lounge. All are welcome to witness the face-off!

iii) !!!APARTMENT CRAWL!!! – The crawl will be taking place THIS COMING Friday, November 6th and will be starting in the MUGS lounge at 7pm. This is where we will snack on pizza, distribute wristbands and head out to the first apartment. We will be selling tickets ALL of THIS week from November 2nd to 6th. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be selling tickets in the MUGS lounge from 10am until 2pm, on Tuesday and Thursday Tickets will be available from 1pm to 3pm. -- This year it will be BYO-M (bring your own mug), in promotion of more sustainable events. This years theme will be "SPACE"!

Come on out to celebrate with MUGS!

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