National Waste Reduction Week!

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National Waste Reduction Week ? Oct 16th ? 22 nd




Where: Tomlinson Hall, 475 Pine Ave West

When: Tuesday the 17th from 12 to 4

What: Check out local eco-artisans, enviro-sudent groups, NGOs, organic food vendors, and other kiosks.  




To make waste issues tangible, we will carry out a comprehensive waste audit in the Shatner building. The objectives are to measure the volume and weight of the garbage, recyclables, and compost waste generated, and the amount of recoverable waste that is actually thrown out. Our findings will help us identify the sources of waste and the status of waste management for the SSMU.


You guessed it, we need your help! Participating in this waste audit is a great learning opportunity. You will get to work in a team with your fellow school-mates. We will provide a free meal n' music each day for our trusty volunteers. We will meet at Gert's on Tuesday Oct. 17 th and Thursday Oct. 19th at 5:30 for a prep meeting and follow through with the auditing.

Don't let this promising project go to waste without your help.


Email us your intents and availabilities now!



Assistant to the Environmental Officer