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Hello, Geographers, 

and welcome to your last weekly listserv of the year. Don't cry, there are no liquids allowed at the GIC computers. 

  1. Pizza and Tea
  2. MUGS Elections Voting
  3. Field Notes Online Publication
  4. Honours Poster Session
  5. GIS Assistance Needed
  6. Meet Your Candidates
  7. Cool Thing of the Week

1. Za & Tea

Wednesday, April 13th at 1 pm, join us in the Lounge for PIZZA because it's been a long term and you could use a slice.

2. MUGS Elections Voting

MUGS Elections will be held in the GIC this week. Please stop by to cast your vote – we've got a lot of eligible bachelors *ahem* candidates running for positions on next year's exec. We'll also be selling our MUGS toques, so bring both your civic sensibilities and your $15! We will be open for voting:
  • Wednesday April 13th from 10am - 3pm 
  • Thursday April 14th from 12pm - 3pm 
  • Friday April 15th from 10am - 1:30pm 
Read below for an introduction to your election candidates! 

3. Field Notes Publication

Hazzah! We've published this year's edition of Field Notes online at We're very proud of this year's journal and of all the wonderful work that went into it by the authors and editing team – give it a look!

4. Honours Poster Session

The afternoon of April 20th, in Burnside Room 426, you are invited to come celebrate the hard work of our department's nine honours students at their poster presentation session. Refreshments will be provided!

5. GIS Assistance Needed

An English PhD student, Sunita Nigam, is looking for GIS help with her project, which involves geocoding and mapping NYC addresses from the 60s and 70s. As a humanities student, she is sans funding, so this project would be a volunteer effort. Alternatively, this is the type of project that one could do for credit as an independent study (for GEOG 291 or 489). If you are interested in participating, contact Sunita directly at If you would like to do the project for credit, you should also get in touch with Prof. Forest and Michelle Maillet.

6. Meet your MUGS Candidates


For President 

Amelia Peres is officially announcing her candidacy for MUGS Co-President for the 2016-2017 academic year.
I love geography. I really do. You can ask just about anyone. Last year, I couldn't be on MUGS because I spent this past semester in Panama, so I invented a position just so I could still come to MUGS meetings. That's how much I love MUGS. On top of that, I am one of the super-secret curators of the infamous GICrushes blog, so that should qualify me for just about everything. In all seriousness, I'm very passionate about my program, and I want the rest of my peers to feel passionate about it as well. I was appointed as a U1 rep in my first year of geography, and made up/acted as the interim coordinator of the Mentorship Program last semester, so I believe I have the experience necessary to be president. I also feel that I have the passion, enthusiasm, coordination, and "chutzpah" (as they say) to lead the MUGS executives this coming year.
Thank you (or as they say in Panama, gracias),
Amelia Peres

For VP Communications

My name is Naomi Silhavy and I am Singaporean and Austrian. I came to McGill in Fall 2015 as a U1 students. I decide to major in Geography due to my passion n interest in the subject as well as my love for travel to meet people, experience new cultures and environments. With that said, I would do a great job in this position for several reasons. Firstly, back in high school, I had several leadership roles that I undertook. I was Head of Communications for a global concern that raised funds for a school in Nepal; I was also Co-President for an environmental global concern that promoted environmental sustainability on campus; I was yearbook Editor; I was also senior school ambassador during my high school. With these organizational skills instilled in me from the various roles and experiences in leadership, I am convinced that I am able to do a good job in communicating and promoting all MUGS events and projects successfully and effectively, through innovative n exciting ways! It would be a great honour to serve u and be part of the team. I look very much forward to your support.
Why I think I should be VP Communications...  
Hey, my name's Noé Schultz, i'm currently in my 2nd year going on 3rd (U3) and would love to join you all on the MUGS Exec team next year! Here are a couple reasons why (in a probably familiar format)
1. I Love Geography (Be it Urban, Physical or GIS)
Having found a passion in Geography and GIS, I love to talk and write about it. Writing the listservs for MUGS would not only make me less annoying to my non-geo friends, though also share the highlights with those in the faculty. Love the current 'Cool thing of the Week' section, and would love to add another. Possibly a 'cool map of the week' or 'terrible geography joke of the week'... still brainstorming on that front. 
2. I'm a Decent Writer 
I love to write and do so clearly enough to be understood by all which, like Switzerland's flag... is a big plus (*que laughter*). Jokes aside, I reply to emails immediately and know my way around creating a successful Facebook event, and have experience in web maintenance. I also feel the listserv to be an important part of bringing exciting news for the week on an otherwise uninteresting Monday, and paramount to integrating first years with the rest of the department,  joining and relating them to our MUGS attribute table. My sincerest topologies if you don't find these funny. Not to worry though, Iran out of puns.
3. I Work Well in a Group
Apart from writing these emails on a Monday morning over coffee, I realize teamwork's needed for the job. I love working in groups, and never arrive late to a meeting, I'll even bring in food sometimes (*subtle bribe*). I also have been part of Amnesty International McGill, where we have productive weekly meetings which I love being a part of.

For VP External - AUS 

Hey! My name is Adrian Cook and I'm a current U1 student majoring in Geography and minoring in International Development Studies and Geographic Information Science. I am running for the position of VP External to AUS and hope to be given the opportunity to share my abilities and skills in organizing MUGS events, and facilitating communication between AUS and MUGS. In high school I partook in student council, leading the planning of many events organized for the entertainment of the student body. These events consisted of increasing student pride, and encouraged participation in school society. I believe these skills can be applied to the position of VP External as I may increase the involvement of students in the MUGS environment, creating higher turnout at events. I also served as chair of a humanitarian association, which similarly led events with the objective or raising funds for a multitude of charities and humanitarian crises. I hope to help MUGS organize events and workshops that present students with new opportunities and experiences. These positions also required a high level of communicative skills to ensure that things ran smoothly. I am confident that I will be able to ensure seamless communication between AUS and MUGS.
I have been hoping to become more invested in McGill's student body, and believe that this position is the ideal opportunity. In my first year at McGill I have enjoyed my geography classes the most by far, and have found the Geography environment incredibly (the GIC is pretty much my second home). I would love to be given the opportunity to give back, and help run this welcoming atmosphere. A little bit more about myself, I like walking around Montreal exploring new places, anything that has to do with maps (which literally consists of me passing hours just looking at random maps), music that has that perfect amount of folk injected (but absolutely no country, sorry!0, swimming, and cheese! I honestly believe that my deep love of cheese will help with any wine and cheese events; I will make sure that it is the best cheese out there.
I'm writing on behalf of myself, Chris Stadler, the current AUS Rep and Brian Toy, the current Sustainability Officer. We would like to inform everyone about our candidacy for the AUS external officer position for the 2016-2017 school year. We are not both running to hold one position at the same time, but since we will each only be here for a semester, we've decided to split up our representative duties in a way that works for both of us. As current MUGS members, we're both dedicated to making the Geog faculty run as seamlessly as possible with help from the Arts council. In the past year, we've hosted some great events and made some wonderful improvements to the GIC (you all can thank Brian for the lovely greenery on the fifth floor) and are eager to continue or membership. Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns you may have about MUGS, the geography faculty, or the faculty of Arts in general.


For VP External - SUS

My name is Robyn Lane, and I am running for VP External: SUS for the 2016-2017 academic year. Going into my third year at McGill, I would be really excited to get more involved with MUGS, and I would hope as VP External to promote all fields of geography and all of their associated opportunities and research within McGill. As a science student, I already get disproportionately excited about soils and rivers and other such fascinating things, and I would like to channel this enthusiasm into working to promote the presence of geography within the Science Undergraduate Society. In terms of qualifications, I have spent a year as U1 Representative for MUGS. This allowed to me to learn about how the society plans events, manages finances, and keeps things running smoothly. I'm also no stranger to time management and organization since, for two years, I've been dancer with the Inertia Modern Dance Collective, a McGill company where members are expected annually to help fundraise and to create artistic work. More personally, I have had a huge love for geography ever since switching out of a degree in engineering, and I would jump at any opportunity to be involved in the academics and student experiences in the department. For all of these mentioned reasons, I hope I might be considered to be VP External: SUS for the coming year.

For VP Finance

Hi! My name is Angela (or Angie) Neals and I'm interested in becoming VP Finance in the MUGS Office during the 2016-2017 academic year. I am pursuing a double major in Economics and Urban Studies, with a minor in International Development. Next year will be my final year at McGill – I would love to contribute to the McGill Geography community before I graduate.
Fun Facts
  • I eat peanut butter by the spoonful (Kraft Crunch only)
  • My dream city is Seattle (Because I love Pearl Jam and the Seattle Seahawks)
  • I was names after the Rolling Stones song 'Angie'
Past Experience
In the past, I have filled many positions that have involved event planning as well as the handling and management of money. I was a customer service representative at Scotiabank in 2014 where I was responsible for handling and recording large transactions. I have also worked as a cashier at different retail stores. I have fulfilled various treasurer roles in the McConnell Hall Residence Council in 2013-2014, as well as in my high school Student Council fro 2009-2013.
I love working with people. I'm a driven student and I'm easy to get along with. If you have any questions regarding my experience, I live in the GIC; if you can't find me there then feel free to send me an email at I would love to create the same inclusive environment for other students as MUGS has done for me and my colleagues over the past few years. I think that my depth of experience and warm personality would help me make a great contribution to the MUGS exec team. I am a proud geographer and am looking forward to (hopefully) working with you in the coming year. :) 

For VP Academic 

Hey MUGS! I'm Natalie Kang and I am very excited about a new year in MUGS and geography. I will be a U3 student studying Geography (Urban Studies) with a minor in International development. 
As VP Academic of MUGS this past year, I have learned the ins and outs of what it is like to be a MUGS exec, and I've gained a lot of experience through organizing the mentorship program. Last year, along with Anders, Stephanie, Tanja, Amelia and Laura, we matched up mentees (undergraduate geography students) with mentors (masters of PhD students). On top of that, we organized a geography alumni panel where we invited panelists from DNV GL, Université de Montreal, Golder Associates and McGill University to explain their career paths and answer any questions from the audience. Because Stephanie and Tanja will not be here next year, they have passed down the torch to me and Anders in order to keep some continuity with the mentorship program. I am eager to be the VP Academic and represent MUGS on faculty and academic committees again. 

For U2 Rep

Hi, my name is Hannah Ker and I'd like to be your U2 rep for next year! I'm an Arts/Sci student currently pursuing a major in Urban Systems Geography (and also chemistry…feel free to hit me up if you have any burning questions about intramolecular aldol cyclization reactions).  My past year as part of the faculty of geography has really opened me up to a whole world within McGill that I never knew existed. I think back to my ignorant U0 self, mindlessly wandering the cold halls of Schulic or Mclennan, and wonder how I ever managed without the comfort of the GIC. My appreciation for a well-designed map - obviously with all of the essential map elements - is now almost parallel to my appreciation for free samosas (almost).

Of course, my love of this faculty and the discipline of geography isn't the only reason why I think you should vote for me. With my previous executive experiences, work ethic, and creativity, I think that I would be a great addition to the MUGS Council. My position as the Grade 12 representative at my high school has given me experience in communicating between a student body and executive committee, and in contributing to event planning and fundraising. I am also the current VP Organization of a SSMU club, which, as indicated from the title, has led me to develop exceptionally strong time management and organizational skills. Next year, I hope to work with the rest of the council to come up with lots of exciting ideas for events to bring geography students even closer together.

My name is Anders Turim and I am running for the MUGS position of U2 representative. I am currently serving as the U1 and mentorship representative and have experience with the geography department that makes me a useful member of the team. Having helped organize the Geography Alumni Panel, Valentine's Day Skating Event, and Apartment Crawl, I now know that makes a successful team serving the geography undergraduates at McGill.
I was born in Seattle, WA and after moving around a fair amount as a young child, settled down in Tucson, AZ at the age of 16. It is there that I went to elementary, middle, and high school and discovered by interest in geography. I remember as a young kid looking at maps of the nearby mountain range, the Santa Catalinas, and trying to find landmarks that I could recognize from my porch or trying to hike up to. Over time my interest grew into maps of cities leading to urban studies and urban planning. Reading Jane Jacob's Death and Life of Great American Cities gave me an idea of what I wanted to do when I got older and led me to choosing urban studies here are McGill. I now have a strong interest in public transportation and bike infrastructure within cities and hope to professionally deal with something along those matters one day. Besides geography, other interests of mine include skiing, playing guitar, backpacking, and biking.

Matthew Poole 
Allow me to start by talking about a conversation I had earlier this week with my friend Simon (also a geography major). I said to him: "You know what I decided in the shower this morning Simon?" He laughed, gave me a weird look and cautiously asked "What?" (please excuse my methods of conversation starting). I answered: "I think I've come to the conclusion that Geography is the coolest program offered at this school." And we then proceeded to talk about how great the classes, profs, peers, and even our events are in the program. The fact is I really love our program and would be thrilled to be part of the MUGS team. I spend most of my hours on campus in the GIC and as a result have become very immersed in a circle of geography and environment students and now look forward to my days on campus.
I think I would be well suited as the U2 representative because I am personable, well connected on campus, and would like to involve myself further on campus by being part of something I am passionate about. I also have experience in similar positions such as working for couple companies as a campus representative, and I'm currently in a leadership position for McGill's chapter of Nourish International. Essentially, I'm no stranger to event planning and promotion, I enjoy reaching out to people and am very comfortable in leadership positions.
In case you wanted to know a bit about myself: I am majoring in geography and minoring in environment and GIS, I went to a tiny French-speaking high school in Southern-Ontario (I'm fluently bilingual), I love snowboarding, and I taught myself to ride a unicycle a few years ago.

For U3 Rep

My name is Gal Kramer and I am a U3 Urban Systems major. Given the opportunity to be U3 representative, I think I would be a great addition to the MUGS 2016-2017 council. I am hard working, organized and enthusiastic. As VP Events of B.Refuge (2014-2015) and a leading member of the McGill Student on Wheels Club (2015-2016), I have lots of experience with planning events and working with others. As a U3 representative I will be approachable and work to voice the opinions and concerns of my fellow colleagues. And I will actively try to support the other MUGS leaders in all of this upcoming years' endeavours. I whole heartedly think the Geography department, is the best department at McGill, and I would love to be a part of making a great next year for the MUGS community.

7. Cool Thing of the Week

Everyone has a story to tell. The Esri 'Storytelling with Maps' Contest is open and accepting entries for the best story maps. What is a story map? It's anything that spatially visually tells a story doih! They can track the birth and growth of a company or movement, showcase a family vacation, or plot your favourite spots for lovers&friends throughout a city. The contest winner will receive airfare, accommodations, and registration to the 2016 Esri User Conference this June in San Diego. So, geographers, dig for the tips you once learned in creative writing class, apply that to some fancy new mapping skills you've learned, and tell your story. 

That's all, folks. 

Though year's almost a wrap, may the GIC forever remain *bumpin.* It's been a blast sending you informative but worldly but funny but also colourful emails. 

Katie Keyes 
VP Communications
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 

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