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MUGS Nominations

Looking to join MUGS for the 2016-2017 academic year? Election period is here! 

To run for a position in the MUGS office, fill out THIS FORM. You are responsible for soliciting 10 signatures from current McGill undergraduate Geography students – from any BA or BSc students (major, minor, honours) - who endorse your candidacy. Please fill out this form and either submit it to the MUGS Lounge or email it to no later than Thursday, April 7th at 4 p.m. Copies will be also provided in the MUGS Lounge. Elections will be held the following week. 

The following positions are open: 
(Co)President(s) : Responsible for the general organization and administration of all MUGS activities and shall reside as the chair (or co-chairs) at executive meetings.

VP Finance: Responsible for all cash flow into and out of the MUGS account and for keeping a record of financial transactions in a ledger.
VP Communications: Responsible for website maintenance, as well as promotion of all MUNGS events and projects.
VP Academic: Responsible for educational and curricular concerns of MUGS as well as representing MUGS at Faculty and Academic Committees. Oversees the Geography Undergrad‐Grad Mentorship Program.
VP External – AUS: Responsible for representing MUGS to the Arts Undergraduate Society and aiding in the running of MUGS events and projects.
VP External – SUS: Responsible for representing MUGS to the Science Undergraduate Society and aiding in the running of MUGS events and projects.
U2 and U3 Representatives: Responsible for representing the members of their respective years and informing them of all MUGS activities. They are responsible for aiding in the running of said events. The U2 Rep is also responsible for representing MUGS at the McGill Students Environmental Council (MESC) meetings.

Best of luck! 

Katie Keyes 
VP Communications 
McGill Undergraduate Geography Society 

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