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1.       MUGS Elections

2.       Open Discussion on Austerity Measures

3.       Clothing Drive

4.       Coffee Time

5.       "Out of the world" MUGS Party

6.       Message from the Chair of the Department, Prof. Nigel Roulet

7.       SSMU Policy Consultation

8.       Cool thing of the week


Food for your thoughts

So how about those pesky GIC rules? I actually managed to prank even the executives as they were unaware of my prank! With less than a week away from the end of classes, we are making sure you are well fed so you can tackle your exams.


MUGS Elections

After reviewing all nominations, we have decided to start voting on Thursday April 9th at 12 pm; polls will be open at the GIC table by the door from 12 until 4pm and for the rest of the semester (that is every day until Tuesday April 14th).
Given that we have many students not in Montreal because of exchange or other reasons, you can vote by sending your ballot to (ballot to be sent on election listserv). If you won't be on campus to vote in person, you can also vote by email.
The positions for Sustainability Officer, U1 Representatives and Field Notes Editors will be appointed in the Fall semester as well as any vacant positions.
Only geography students are allowed to cast a vote.
These are you candidates for next year. A followup listserv will be dedicated to learning more about all the candidates and what they have to offer:

- Co-Presidents: Laura Lyon, Lillian Fradin
- VP Communications: Katherine Keyes
- VP Finance: Mayumi Suzuki
- VP External – AUS Representative: Ellen Gillies
- VP External – SUS Representative: Matthew King
- VP Academic: Vacant
- U2 Representative: William Gleckner
- U3 Representative: Leslie Beedell


Open Discussion on Austerity Measures and Undergraduate Student Associations

Following the many events, discussions, news, arguments, and reports, we are having an informal discussion with fellow geographers and SSMU representatives on austerity measures, provincial education policy, and students' responses.
This will be held in the lounge on Wednesday April 8th from 12-1 pm. This is not a general assembly of the MUGS student body but simply an open forum to learn more about what is going on. Since this is a sensitive topic, we remind you to be respectful of each other's opinions, comments, points of view, questions, and ideas.


Clothing Drive

The MUGS Clothing Drive for Dans La Rue is a big success! Thank you so much for those that have already brought clothes and those planning on bringing, come by, we are still taking donations until the pickup date on April 20th.


Coffee Time

As the semester quickly approaches, we want to treat you in these stressful times so on Tuesday April 14th, the last day of classes, we will have pizza, coffee, tea and other snacks for you in the lounge starting at 11 am.
Then on Wednesday April 15th, as you get ready to spend all day in the GIC working hard, we will bring you coffee and timbits in the lounge at 12 pm.


"Out of this world" MUGS party

You've spent all year studying the many places in this planet from the Artic to Barbados to Mile End and Griffintown so now we bring you the Out of this world MUGS party, a chance to send off our graduates out of the comfort of the McGill world.
On Friday April 17th, we are throwing you one last hurrah with drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options), snacks, photo booth, dancing, and other surprises. Since we want to make sure you are having a great time, we will provide the first few drinks so feel free to bring yours to share and as any good geographer, BYOM (Bring Your Own Mugs).
Big shout-out to Cam Roy for hosting us! I know we shouldn't worry about you but remember to be a good guest.


Message from the Chair of the Department, Prof. Nigel Roulet

Dear Geography Students,

The course evaluation period is now open and I am writing to encourage you to complete the evaluations of your courses this semester.
The Geography Department strives to offer our students the best possible courses. To aid this, we use course evaluations as essential tools that provide instructors with constructive feedback they can use towards improving the quality of the teaching and learning taking place in our classes, tutorials, laboratories and related activities.
Not only are course evaluations provided to instructors, but they are also carefully reviewed by the Department to monitor the quality of our undergraduate classroom experiences. Further, they are an important element in decisions made regarding the tenure and promotion of professors as well as the awarding of merit (i.e., salary increases). Finally, they form an important basis for rewarding instructors for particularly notable accomplishments in support of teaching and learning, such as teaching awards.  
I ask all of you to take advantage of this valuable process and tell us about your experiences in your courses in a thoughtful and constructive manner. Evaluations will be available for all GEOG courses from March 23 through May 1, 2015, and you can access them at

Thank-you for your participation in this important process.

Nigel Roulet
James McGill Professor of Biogeoscience and Chair
Department of Geography


SSMU Policy Consultation

SSMU is going to be discussing three 5-year policies at its upcoming council session on Friday, and wants your input! Fill out this survey on the Policy on Consent Education, Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence-Related Policy Advocacy, the Climate Change Policy, and the 5 year Policy Regarding Support of a Campus Free from Harmful Military Technology Development. (link:


Cool Thing of the Week

Assassins is still going on! Do you know who you target is and what do they look like? Head over to  GICrushes for a quick refresher on who they are, or simply check them out for more GICuties.

With Finals coming, keep these handy: McGill Counselling Services, McGill Mental Health Services and McGill Nightline at (514) 398-6246.

As if you needed another reason to procrastinate, here's site with many map quizzes.



Have an effective week! YO! What's up!?

Phil Perez Aranguren

VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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