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1.       MUGS Sugar Shack

2.       MUGS Office Hours: Clothing and Elections

3.       More MUGS

4.       GeoSpectives: Climate Knowledge, Climate Politics

5.       Information Sessions for McGill's 2016 Field Study in East Africa

6.       Internship/Job Opportunities

7.       IHSP Student Programs

8.       SAMAzing 5K 2.0

9.       AUS Awards

10.   Cool thing of the week


Sweet MUGS!

We have received a few opportunities for information for internships, fellowships, scholarships and other opportunities for students so make sure to check those out but I know that you are more interested in the sweetness that is coming and to balance things out, we made sure to include information on a 5K run for a good cause. Finally, Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy belated Pie Day (3/14/15)


MUGS Sugar Shack

March 21st marks the first day of spring and with that, the sweet taste of maple is in season so your MUGS have prepared a trip to a sugar shack! For those that don't know what that is, sugar shacks are basically maple farms where the sap is collected and transformed into beautiful, delicious maple syrup and other maple products so they offer a brunch-style meal where you eat all you want covered in maple.
This year, we are renting a bus and taking you to a cabin in the north shore. On Sunday March 22nd, we will meet at Roddick Gates at 12pm to leave in the MUGS-mobile and we will be back at around 4pm. Tickets will go on sale on Monday March 16th during our office hours from 12-1pm every day this week for $15 for MUGS students and $20 for non-MUGS. Spaces are limited and they will go quick so make sure to get yours.


MUGS Office Hours: Clothing and Elections

This week, we have a lot of business so we will have MUGS office hours every day from 12-1pm in the MUGS lounge in Burnside Hall 305. If you cannot make it to the office hours but are seriously interested in reaching us, send us an email to mcgillgeography@gmail.com and we will do our best to contact you back.
Time has come for you to deck out your wardrobe with all the MUGS apparel you can get your hands on. Like last year, we have t-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colours with the geography logo in front and our coordinates in the back. Forms are available during our office hours. This semester we also are introducing the MUGS mug! These are really nice mugs for all your drinks so you can always show your geog-pride!
At the same time, MUGS election period is starting so you can come see us if you are interested in being part of the MUGS executive committee for the 2015-2016 year. We have all positions open: Co-Presidents, Vice Presidents for Finance, Communications, Academics; AUS and SUS representatives; U1, U2 and U3 representatives; Sustainability Officers. This is a great opportunity to get involved and make sure that you have a great year. Personally, I've loved my time as a VP Communications and I hope that the legacy that we got from the past years can continue in the future.


More MUGS:

Cover Image for Field Notes

Field notes is looking for cover images for this year's issue! If you have any original photography please submit your images to journal.fieldnotes@gmail.com (in a reasonable size). Thanks!

Clothing Drive

As spring approaches and you start to declutter your space, we have organize a clothing drive. We have a collection bin in the MUGS lounge starting on Monday March 16th. The donations will go to Dans La Rue.


GeoSpectives: Climate Knowledge, Climate Politics

The next GeoSpectives talk will be on March 18th, 2015, 4-5 pm in Burnside 426.
Climate Knowledge, Climate Politics: Translating Climate Change, Adaptation, and Resilience in the Contemporary Arctic
Prof. Emilie Cameron
This talk presents findings from a recent collaborative project examining the translation of key terms about climate change from English into Inuktitut. Our investigation considered not only the literal translation of various terms but also the broader epistemological, ontological, cultural, historical, and political context within which words make sense. We argue that notions of resilience, adaptation, and climate change itself mean something fundamentally different in Inuktitut than they do in English, and that this has implications for climate policy and politics in the contemporary Arctic. To the extent that climate change is translated into Inuktitut as a wholly environmental phenomenon over which humans have no control, both "adaptation" and "resilience" come to be seen as appropriate and distinctly Inuit modes of relating to shifting climatic conditions, calling upon practices of patience, observation, creativity, forbearance, and discretion. If translated as a matter of unethical harm of sila, however, Inuit frameworks of justice, relationality, and healing would be activated. In the context of a broader global shift away from mitigation and toward enhancing the adaptive capacities and resilience of particular populations, this mode of translating climate change, we argue, has profound political effects.


Information Sessions for McGill's 2016 Field Study in East Africa

Gain a full semester's worth of credits while studying and researching in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda next winter. This program intends to introduce students to East Africa specifically by increasing their understanding of the goals, circumstances, challenges and opportunities of people living in the areas visited. Through an increased understanding of Canada's linkage with this area, graduates of the program should be better equipped to become active and effective contributors to sustainable development in Africa, whether by following academic or professional paths, or simply by being more informed citizens. This 15-credit program is open to students of all academic backgrounds, U1 and above. 
Upcoming information sessions will be held in Burnside RM 426 from March 18, March 24, April 9 and at Mac Campus (MS2-084) on February 23 at 14h30.
For more information visit http://www.mcgill.ca/africa/ website orhttps://www.facebook.com/cfsia.mcgill. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2015.


Internship/Job Opportunities

McGill Tutorial Services is in need of a tutor for GEOG 351. I have attached a tutor recruitment poster to this email. Like all tutor opportunities, it pays $15/hour with no experience required but preference will be given to those with an A or A- grade in the class.
There are two internship opportunities also attached to this email but in French; the positions are with the City of Montreal.

IHSP Student Programs

IHSP Student Programs is now applications for all 5 of its award programs. All programs focus on health, equity or wellbeing, with an emphasis on translating research into action. There are over 30 awards totaling almost $200,000 including a new program that sends Canadian students to Commonwealth countries to focus on innovative and promising approaches to address key challenges to health, well-being and equity. In addition, there are 15 spots available for a free 3 day intensive workshop on research to policy in May 2015.
For more information, visit their website at http://www.mcgill.ca/ihsp/studentprograms/ or check out the poster attached in the email.


SAMAzing 5K 2.0

Now that it's FINALLY spring, SAMA is hosting their second 5K Run, raising funds for medical supplies in rural communities in developing countries. The SAMAzing 5K 2.0 will be Sunday, March 29th, 1:00pm, at Mont-Royal. With a minimum donation of $15, you will recieve snacks, your choice of a shirt or hat, and a shot at some great prizes, all while supporting a worthwhile cause!
You can check their FB event here for more info. To sign up, please fill this Google Form. For more information on their organization, visit their website at http://www.samamcgill.org/


AUS Awards

Every year, groups and individuals devote time and energy working with the AUS to build student community and improve student life. These people are the cornerstone of every exceptional service that the AUS and its affiliates are able to provide. As such, the AUS Awards strive to celebrate the effort and commitment our student leaders have provided to the Arts community.
The document attached has more information on the different categories for which you can nominate an individual, group, event, initiative or publication. All applications must be sent via email to internal administrator Patricia Neijens at internal.aus@mail.mcgill.ca by 11:00 am, Thursday, March 26th, 2015. No late submissions will be considered.


Cool Thing of the Week

With geo-assassings happening, we need some love and GICrushes always brings it so keep an eye out!

Finals are coming and with that, increasing stress so here's a link to the different resources you have during this period. Most of these services are included in your fees so you don't have to pay extra for them:
McGill Counselling Services has really good resources including psychological services, academic support, workshops and groups, and a self-help section with audio for relaxation and meditation. There's also McGill Mental Health Services and they have information on their website on urgent care Both are in the Brown Building
If you find yourself awake and stressed late at night, McGill Nightline are great at just striking up a conversation to help you during this time. They like to talk about anything and know all the great resources for you at (514) 398-6246.



Have an edifying week! Watch out for those assassins and their clothespins!

Phil Perez Aranguren

VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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