The A-MUGS-zing Race!

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1.       MUGS apartment crawl 2014
2.       Geog/Envi Science Games team
3.       MUGS composting
4.       GeoSpectives: Canada's Climate History
5.       Artic Field Semester
6.       Relay For Life on Nov. 15th
7.       MUGS lounge update
8.       Cool thing of the week

The A-MUGS-zing Race!
'ahlan wasahlan! In case you have been living under a rock or simply ignoring the last couple of listserv along with the Facebook announcements in the MUGS page or not seen the FB event that you were invited to, the MUGS apartment crawl is coming! Tickets are currently on sale and you can get them in the MUGS lounge but if you can't come to those hours, email us so you don't feel left out!

1.      MUGS Apartment Crawl 2014
It's here! The MUGS apartment crawl is happening in less than two weeks and we have all you need to know to party like a true geographer
As some of you have already experience in previous years, the apartment crawl is the best party of the year and this year will be even better as it'll be The A-MUGS-zing Race! (but this is NOT an actual race; there are no teams required!)
It'll take place on November 14th in the evening and it'll include 4 stops in places in Mile End and the Plateau. We have great stuff planned for you to get to know your fellow geographers, enjoy a few drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic equally available), play some games, dance if you want, talk and overall make great memories.
We will be selling tickets during our office hours between 11:30-12:30 starting on every day this week. For geographers, it's $10 and for non-geographers, it's $15. We have limited spaces so make sure to get your ticket soon. If you can't come during those hours, you can email us and we can figure out a way! Everyone is welcomed, even if they are not in geography or even in McGill!
For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

2.      Geog/Envi Science Games team
The McGill Science Games are back! Taking place January 22, 23, and 24, 2015, this is a weekend you won't' want to miss! You can check out last year event's here.
This year we are making a geography/environment joint team to compete in the 3-day event between science departments to determine who is number one by sparring in events and games such as: beer Olympics, power hour, iron chef, scavenger hunt, and much more so let's make sure they all know that geography and environment rule the world!
The cost of the event is $70, which includes drinks, lunches, events, t-shirt, and lab coat to decorate in the most geographical/environmental way you can think of plus the some of the best memories from your time in McGill!
There are limited spots, therefore registration must be done before Nov. 12. Registration will be open to Geography (B.A/B.Sc/B.A.Sc in the major or minor) and Environment (B.A./B.Sc/B.A.Sc int he major or minor) first, then open to all after 15 people have registered.
To get ready for Science Games, SUS is holding a power hour HYPE NIGHT at Cafe Campus on Nov. 12. This event is open to ALL. Pick up your hype night braclets at the SUS office during office hours, $20.
For more information or to register, contact David Blair ( or Laura Lyon (
You don't have to be in science to participate!

3.      MUGS Composting
As you have probably seen in the MUGS lounge, there's a little black bin next to the large garbage bin; this black bin is for composting only and we have unfortunately see non-composting materials in the bin and we would like you to be aware of what can be composted and what cannot and use the other bins that are in literally next to the composting bin according to what you are throwing away.
This list has the indications according to We are very glad to have this opportunity in McGill has not all buildings nor all department lounges have access to a composting bin so help us use it wisely.

4.      GeoSpectives: Canada's Climate History
Date: November 10, 2014, 3-4 p.m. in Burnside Hall 426
Canada's Climate History:
Weather Observations from the St-Lawrence Valley, 1742-2010
Systematic climatic and daily instrumental weather observations in Montreal and Québec City were kept from the mid-1700s until the end of the 19th century.  These weather registers have been digitized by a crowd-source citizen science data rescue project.  Daily temperature readings have been assessed for quality and regression models used to reconstruct minimum and maximum temperatures. Climatic indicators such as heat wave and cold spell counts suggest considerable decadal scale variability over the past 200 years. Many of these observers were part of Montreal's 19th century scientific establishment and several had connections to McGill.  Their motivations for collecting records include attempts to evaluate human-induced climate change and an interest in the relationship between climate and disease.
More information on future GeoSpective talks on their website

5.      *NEW* Artic Field Semester
There is a new field semester for next year - the Arctic Field Semester - and they are looking for students! The Arctic field semester was tentatively planned for last year but it never got off the ground, and they are hoping to actually make it happen this year. The field course will take place at MARS (McGill Arctic Research Station) in the high Arctic for 3 weeks, with coursework beginning before the fieldwork and continuing for 2-3 weeks after. They are only accepting SIX students.
4 courses at 3 credits each:
ATOC 373 | Arctic Climate and Climate Change
EPSC 373 | Arctic Geology
GEOG 373 | Arctic Geomorphology
and a 3-credit independent research project.
As with the other field semesters, the cost is pricey but also as with other field semesters, grants are available to offset the costs.
Attached is the syllabus and basic information. If you're interested, email Hans Larsson ( ASAP.

6.      Relay For Life on Nov. 15th
Relay for Life is a 12 hour, overnight event aimed to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Fundraising teams come together for a fun-filled night of activities and entertainment, while sharing time walking the Tomlinson Fieldhouse track.
It will be held from 9pm on Saturday Nov. 15th until 9am on Sunday Nov. 16th in the Tomlinson Fieldhouse (in the McGill gym).
Individuals participate in teams of about 10 people, and take turns walking around a track for the duration of the event, demonstrating their solidarity with cancer patients battling this terrible disease. Participants and teams are sponsored by friends and relatives and/or do fundraising prior to the event, to raise money, which goes to the Canadian Cancer Society
7.      MUGS lounge
As you know we have a fantastic lounge in the 3rd floor of Burnside (room 305 to be exact) and compared to other departments, we have it pretty good: we have comfy, clean couches, tables with chairs, a brand-new microwave, a kettle, a toaster, a coffee maker and even a TV. We have been pretty lucky to have such a great spaces with windows as most lounges are in windowless rooms. It's open most of the time and all geography students can have access to it for hanging out, studying, eating, napping, whatever you need to do. Also, we are planning to have smaller events like game nights or tea-and-cookie time in the future so keep an eye on the listserv/FB page for more info.
The door is very often open and as such, it's not a super safe place to leave your valuables there and unfortunately, we have experienced a loss as we had a Nintendo 64 hooked to our TV but it has gone missing. Not that we think that a geography student took it but this is a good medium to get this to your attention. We are working hard to create a better space for geography students can spend their free time and are planning improvements to the lounge in the coming months as this is your space as much as ours as our funds come from student fees. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Nintendo 64, we ask you to please help us or if you happen to have it, please return it without any questions asked. We want to share all we have with the entire undergrad geography student body.
We would like to keep this space accessible to all and in the coming future, we are planning to have an open forum where you can share your ideas and in the meantime, there's a suggestions box next to the door.

8.      Cool thing of the week:
You know that great article you found only while you were supposed to be working on your GIS lab? Yeah, the one that you thought "oh if only people knew about this!"? That's the kind of stuff that people like our readers enjoy so email me at and I'll add it on the listserv instead of the random stuff I find.
Did you know that the US isn't the only 'United States' in North America? There's a second one. There's this really cool map that shows the endonym of all countries in their official language or national language most used by its population. (Hint, the one United States country in North America isn't Canada as its endonym is… Canada).

Have a phenomenal week! Who says you can't relax on Mondays?
Phil Perez Aranguren
VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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