Spooky Road Ahead

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1.       Halloween pumpkin carving
2.       Looking for apartments!
3.       GeoSpectives talk: Post-Communist Memory and the Soviet Legacy in Central Asia
4.       Relay For Life on Nov. 15th
5.       Cool thing of the week

Spooky Road Ahead:
Dà jiā hǎo! I'm trying to come up with something interesting to say here and catch your attention so you can read the listserv to the end but my brain isn't really working at this time so I'll just go ahead and tell you what is coming up and throw an extra gif:

1.      Halloween Pumpkin carving
It's that time of the year when it's normal to show up at some random person's home and get free stuff but since we are not kids anymore, we can't really get away with doing that.
In that case, we will actually having Halloween in the MUGS lounge. On Thursday October 30th, we will be carving pumpkins and giving out candy between 12-1 pm. You don't need to dress up for that but it'd be great if you do!
Also, the weather is getting colder by the day so make sure your head is protected with our wonderful tuques.

2.      Looking for apartments
The time is fast approaching for our biggest event of the year: the MUGS Apartment Crawl. We are aiming for the weekend of November 14th.
As some of you have experienced in the past, this is the event you won't want to miss and the best way to be part of the party is to hosting it! We are looking for apartments to host one of the stops during the crawl so if you are interested, send us an email or talk to any of the executives and we will give you more information.

3.      GeoSpectives Talk: Post-Communist Memory and the Soviet Legacy in Central Asia
GeoSpectives is a series of talk hosted by the Department of Geography that take place in Burnside Hall 426. Here's the next one on Monday Oct. 27th from 12-1pm. You can also find more information on future talks on their website.
Post-Communist Memory and the Soviet Legacy in Central Asia
Prof. Natalie Koch
Department of Geography, Syracuse University
Monuments are frequently targeted for replacement with new icons when societies undergo rapid political change. This process was evident in the collapse of communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union from 1989-1991. The Soviet successor states in Central Asia – often treated as exceptional in the literature on post-communism – also experienced a process of "de-Sovietization," with dramatic changes to their symbolic landscapes in nearly 25 years of independence. The process, however, is arguably more complex than in Eastern Europe or even in Russia. I examine the general pattern of these changes, but focus on Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, where certain Soviet-era monuments remain, while some new post-Soviet monuments have already been torn down and replaced with yet another layer of memorials.

4.      Relay For Life on Nov. 15th
Relay for Life is a 12 hour, overnight event aimed to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Fundraising teams come together for a fun-filled night of activities and entertainment, while sharing time walking the Tomlinson Fieldhouse track.
It will be held from 9pm on Saturday Nov. 15th until 9am on Sunday Nov. 16th in the Tomlinson Fieldhouse (in the McGill gym).
Individuals participate in teams of about 10 people, and take turns walking around a track for the duration of the event, demonstrating their solidarity with cancer patients battling this terrible disease. Participants and teams are sponsored by friends and relatives and/or do fundraising prior to the event, to raise money, which goes to the Canadian Cancer Society
5.      Cool thing of the week:
Tired of the random links I post here, which I confess, come mostly from the r/geography subreddit? Then send the ones you find to mcgillgeography@gmail.com and I'll share them with anyone who reads this section of the listserv.
Here's an interesting article about crowdsourcing maps and the Ebola epidemic coming from fastcolabs.com.

Have an incredible week! If you're out of ideas for Halloween, just throw in a hat and call.
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VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
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Montreal, QC
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