Don't forget to vote in MUGS Elections!

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  1. MUGS End of year party
  2. Photo and Prof of the Year!
  3. GeoSpectives
  4. GIS Job Available for McKinsey and Company
  5. KANATA Vol. 7 Journal Launch: April 3, 2014
  6. Fossil Fools Day!
  7. Rock Stars at Redpath Museum
  8. March 30 Family Discovery Workshop: Volcanoes (in English)
  9. Redpath Museum Documentaries

Hey Geographers! Don't forget to vote for your new candidates for MUGS council! I will send an online voting link along soon. Also the photo contest and prof of the year! Read on!

MUGS End of year party

The MUGS end of year party is soon! At a TBA location, come on April 4th at 9:30pm. The theme is PROM!!! For more info, keep up with the facebook event:


Photo and Prof of the Year!

Vote for your favourite photo and professor at the same time! Choose your favourite photo from the album in the facebook group, and then send an email to to submit the number of your favourite photo and the name of your favourite prof from the following options:

Prof of the Year Nominations

  •          Bernard Lehner
  •          Brian Robinson
  •          Lea Berrang-Ford
  •          Raja Sengupta
  •          Sarah Moser
  •          Sebastien Breau
  •        Tom Meredith

Who will win??


The next Geospectives is at a special time and place! It will be at 5:30 pm in Redpatch auditorium.

Changing Nature: Human Ambition, Rapid Change and the Search for Appropriate Intervention
Dr. Eric Higgs
Professor of Restoration Ecology
University of Victoria
Co-Sponsored with the Beatty Memorial Lectures Committee, the McGill School of Environment, and the Faculty of Science.

The reality on which our views of nature are built is dissolving in the face of rapid climate change, globalization of species, and shifting cultural views in an advanced technological society. We have entered a new era, the Anthropocene, which requires transformative approaches to understanding the social, cultural, economic and intellectual dimensions of rapidly changing ecosystems. New or novel ecosystems are emerging that have no historical precedent. The pace of socio-ecological change is threatening long-held and ingrained connections that people have with places. In this lecture I focus  on strategies for responsible intervention in novel ecosystems, and especially on retrieving a critical role for historical knowledge and finding appropriate ways of valuing changing natures.

This is in accordance with the Beatty Memorial talks. Sounds cool!

GIS Job Available for McKinsey and Company

The ideal candidate will enjoy the challenges and rewards of a professional, dynamic, team oriented environment.  The candidate must be a strong communicator with an entrepreneurial spirit and results-oriented mindset; a flexible, resourceful person who takes initiative; a conceptual thinker with strong analytic skills; and a team-oriented individual with a strong sense of responsibility toward team members and project objectives.

We believe that the following are essential to succeed in this role:

A Bachelor degree in a field such as Geographic Information System, Geography, Planning, or a related discipline.

Alternatively, a degree in Business, Finance, Computer Science, or another relevant field accompanied by demonstrable spatial analysis abilities.

Strong English communications skills – both oral and written.

The ability to transition easily from theory to application, and vice versa.

An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to get things done, often under time constraints.

Strong interpersonal and analytic skills.

For more information and to apply:


KANATA Vol. 7 Journal Launch: April 3, 2014

3:00-5:00pm on April 3, 2014 @ SSMU: Madeleine Parent Room

Snacks, Live Music, Spoken Word, and Journals! Come celebrate the launch of Volume 7 of KANATA, our annual journal publication and the hard work of individuals involved in this year’s publication, as well as to celebrate the creation of the new Indigenous Studies minor at McGill . The launch will be a fundraiser for the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter.

Fossil Fools Day!

On Tuesday April 1st, FOSSIL FOOLS DAY, grassroots climate justice organizers will be coordinating actions across the country. Divest ConcordiaDivest McGill and friends are planning a collaborative action to denounce continued institutional investments in fossil fuel companies! We plan to show our schools and our city that the fossil fuel industry's current actions and plans for rapid expansion are at odds with a safe and livable planet. We're meeting at 3:00 at Concordia (on the Hall Building's 2nd floor Mezzanine) for speeches, music, alliance-building, & FREE FOOD and at 4:30 at McGill (at the y-intersection in front of the Arts building) for a fun rally with collective speeches. Silly costumes are encouraged! Find out more at the facebook event here:
We'll keep you updated with details!

Rock Stars at Redpath Museum

On March 29th at 7pm, Join the student members of both the McGill Students Astronomy Club and the Redpath Museum Club for an evening of geology and star gazing. Event starts in the Museum Auditorium with an introduction to the fascinating science of the earth and the heavens. Followed by a walk up Mont Royal for star gazing (weather permitting). Visit at the Belvedere of Mont Royal includes hot chocolate. Please respect the earth, bring your own cup.

March 30 Family Discovery Workshop: Volcanoes (in English)

3 sessions for ALL ages- 11h30 – 12h30    OR 13h - 14h OR  14h30 - 15h30

$7 child / FREE for parents

Reservations necessary. Call 514-398-4092 or write 

Redpath Museum Documentaries

As usual, there is a FREE documentary being shown at Redpath Museum! Come at 3pm this Sunday, March 30, to watch Encounters at the End of the World (2007): A documentary trip to visit the scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, looking to capture the continent's beauty and investigate the characters living there. Sounds fun!

Cool Thing of the Week!

There's a new three-wheeled bike that can ride over sand and snow!



Have a wonderful week, everyone

Julia Schertzer

VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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