Reading Week is so Close

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  2. MUGS position elections
  3. Finding Your Coordinates: Alumni Panel
  4. McGill Sustainability Research Symposium!
  5. Fokus Film Festival looking for Submissions
  6. Local Currency Conference Looking For Students
  7. Bar event about Guatemala


Two days before reading week starts, people!! Can we just talk about how much I am looking forward to this? Like woah. I’m not even going to a tropical locale or anything, but I am still so excited to just NOT. GO. TO. CLASSES. FOR. FIVE. DAYS.

Also as much as I look forward to having a break from class, never forget that we are SO LUCKY to be learning in this wonderful institution full of people who really care about their research, and that we get so many opportunities to volunteer, work, and be involved just because we are students here! What a treat.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for sugar shack tickets going on sale, assassins updates, and most recently, MUGS NOMINATIONS!!


If you haven’t signed up yet for geography assassins, now’s your chance! Email your name to to get your target.

MUGS position elections

Nomination for MUGS positions starts right after reading week! I will send out nomination forms on the Monday that school resumes, but start thinking about what position you may want to run for, and why you want that position! The positions are as follows:

·         President
·         VP Finance
·         VP Academic
·         VP Communications (that’s me!)
·         AUS and SUS reps
·         U1, U2, and U3 rep

Getting involved in your departmental politics is a great way to get involved in student politics and make friends, and it looks great on a CV!

Finding Your Coordinates: Alumni Panel

Wondering what to do after you graduate? Want to know more about your options after undergrad in both academia and in the workforce with a degree in geography? Join us on March 19th in Burnside Hall room 426 for Finding your Coordinates, put on by the McGill Geography Mentorship ProgramThis is a casual panel event open to any geography students, where McGill geography alumni in both the workforce and in academia, in a variety of streams, are coming to talk to you about how they got to where they are why they are there, and what they do now. Keep an eye on the listserv for more information on our exciting panel members. Snacks and refreshments will also be served

McGill Sustainability Research Symposium!

Come get free Indian food and learn what your fellow students are doing in terms of research and sustainability! March 13th. Info on the attached slide.

Fokus Film Festival looking for Submissions

Fokus Film Festival is looking for film submissions!!!!! Fokus Film Festival is the only festival for student film at McGill University hosted annually by TVM. All McGill students are welcome to submit original short films! Categories include: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, and 72-hour. The submission period is from February 17th to March 10th. Registration for the 72-hour filmmaking competition opens on February 24th. Accepted films will be screened and judged on Friday, March 21st at Cinema du Parc. Prizes will be given to the best of each category, the People’s Choice, and the Best of the Fest. Go to for more information on the festival and submission guidelines or go to the Facebook page for more info at

Local Currency Conference Looking For Students

Looking for people to organize a conference on local currencies in Summer 2015! Looking for students who would like to participate as consultant, organizer, or willing to help in any other ways. Please if you are interested!

Bar event about Guatemala

On February 27th PAQG (Projet Accompagnement Québec-Guatemala, is organizing an event Mobilisé-e-s contre les crimes extractifs  about different mobilization initiatives this year concerning the extractive industry including: Tribunal Permanent des peuples sur l’industrie minière canadienne, Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie, Projet Accompagnement Québec-Guatemala ''the money thread'' campaign, and various artistic performances. 

Where: Bar Alizé, 900 Ontario Est (métro Berri-UQAM)

When: jeudi 27 février, 19H30

facebook event:

Cool Thing of the Week

Here is a map of the electoral districts in Montreal. As you can see, the naming and distribution are so arbitrary it is almost funny, so yeah. Ha ha.

Also, since it was Erykah Badu’s birthday yesterday, give her greatest hits album a listen!


Have a wonderful wonderful reading week everyone! Be well and rest up!

Lots of love,


VP Communications

Dept. of Geography
McGill University
Burnside Hall, Rm 305
805 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, QC
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