I, too, don't have a hotel room in Sochi

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  2. Lockers
  3. Photo Contest
  4. GeoSpectives
  5. Field Work in Photos Series Talk
  6. Divest McGill
  7. Course Reviews Wanted
  8. Documentary films at Redpath
  9. Cutting Edge Lecture: How well do we understand curvature?
  10. Freaky Friday February 14th

 Hey Geographers! I hope your midweek is going well. I am currently really enjoying (and like simultaneously not enjoying) the lack of hotel rooms in Sochi. The tweets are hilarious (and like simultaneously not funny at all)!

Check it out: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2014/02/04/journalists-at-sochi-are-live-tweeting-their-hilarious-and-gross-hotel-experiences/

Also we are selling clothes and will be having some cool events soon!



Come between 11:30 and 1 every day this week to order your own MUGS hoodies, t-shirts, and tank tops! You can also buy our exclusive MUGS toques right on the spot!! You can also buy stuff in the GIC next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 2:00-3:00pm! The catalogue of prices and styles is attached.


If you want a locker, come to the office hours listed above! Lockers are free for geographers and $10 for non-geographers.

Photo Contest

The MUGS photo contest is back! This year’s theme is: Wanderlust. Submit your most stunning photos to mcgillgeography@gmail.com!


This coming Monday, the Geography Department's lecture series GeoSpectives welcomes Dr. Hideaki Suzuki, a postdoctoral fellow at the Indian Ocean World Centre. His talk will start at 4 PM in Burnside 426. The full schedule is available at www.mcgill.ca/geography/geospectives

Field Work in Photos Series Talk

Join us for the 3rd installment of the "Fieldwork in Photos" brown bag lunch series. This series is an informal talk about graduate experiences in the field and the type of trouble and hilarity that comes with doing fieldwork in geography.

This week's talk will be on Friday Feb 7th at 12pm in BH room 426 by our very own Chistopher Wade will take us to the far side of the African continent and looks through the lens at: "Conservation, Contested Lands and Cattle Ranches in Lakipia, Kenya" Bring your lunch and a friend!

Divest McGill

Passionate about sustainability? Think McGill should take a stance against resource exploitation?

Divest McGill is hosting Notre Culture! For a Fossil-Free Future to contrast McGill's hosting of Petrocultures, a conference on the role of oil in Canadian society, this Thursday and Friday. Check out the facebook link for more information:


Course Reviews Wanted

Have you taken a Science course? We need your help! The SUS is looking for course reviews from undergraduate students. We're inviting you to share your experiences, opinions and testimonials about courses you've taken in the past. These reviews will be collected to create one fantastic online resource - the Science Undergraduate Course Reviews (SUCR) database!

Contributors will be recognized and eligible for a variety of prizes. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this amazing initiative. Submit your review today! Visit the link below for more information:


Documentary films at Redpath

This Sunday, February 9th, come to Redpath museum room 200 at 3pm to see the documentary Weibo’s War. Summary: Big Oil calls convicted 1990s oilpatch saboteur Reverend Wiebo Ludwig an eco-terrorist and portrays him as a patriarchal cult leader. He calls himself a devout Christian driven to defend his Trickle Creek farm from the deadly effects of toxic sour gas wells. David York takes his camera into the heart of Ludwig’s Christian community to create a powerful film about two decades of conflict. Their footage of confrontations with gas workers and police, and its stark contrast with media reports, raises a critical issue: when politicians and police become sock puppets for private interests, is vigilante action justified? Film screening is totally FREE!

Cutting Edge Lecture: How well do we understand curvature?

Come to the Redpath Museum Auditorium at 6pm on Thursday, February 13th for a cutting edge lecture by Niky Kamran! He writes: How do we describe the curvature of a geometric object, like a curve, a surface or a higher-dimensional continuum? What does the curvature of a geometric object tell us about its other properties, such as its degrees of symmetry and regularity? There have been some major recent advances in our understanding of curvature, although many questions still remain open. This lecture will give a general description of two such advances, namely the sphere theorem, proved by Brendle and Schoen in 2007, and the Willmore problem, settled in 2012 by Marques and Neves. It will also mention some open problems and work that is being currently carried out towards their solution. This talk is aimed at a general audience.

Freaky Friday February 14th

Watch McGill undergraduate students compete for the McLovin’ Science Prize. 4 presentations, 4 slides only, 4 minutes each, on Feb. 14th at 5 pm in Redpath Museum!

Cool Thing of the Week

Here is a YouTube playlist on how to think critically! It’s very cool:




All the best!
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