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  1. GIS Day
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  3. Student Philanthropy Council – Panel on Social Justice
  4. Funded MA Opportunity at the University of Guelph: Volunteer Tourism and Marine Conservation
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Wow everyone, that apartment crawl was a blast! I loved all the costumes, the great decorations, and the creative punch bowls at each place. If you didn't show up, I hope you also had a great weekend and did not have to nurse a hangover while wearing a hippie costume in Canadian Tire the next morning. The next upcoming event is GIS DAY TOMORROW! What a veritable melange of geography-related fun!


GIS day is TOMORROOOOOOOW! What an exciting time for all geographers! Come to the GIC (burnside 5th floor) around 12:30 to experience some great fun! Also MUGS will be having an event.  Last year I got a free notebook (of the paper variety) when I attended. What will you win??


The penultimate GeoSpectives lecture will be on Monday, November 25, 2013 at the usual place and time (Burnside 426, 4 PM). This will be of particular interest to students interested in inequality, health and urban geography, or who like to eat.

'Food Deserts' and 'Food Swamps' in Ontario? Examining Local Food Environments for Planning Healthy Communities
Prof. Jason Gilliland
Director, Urban Development Program
Western University

We've all heard the old adage "you are what you eat", signifying that our diets have a direct impact on our health.  But only recently have public health professionals begun to acknowledge that "you are where you live", in that what you eat and your diet-related health outcomes are significantly influenced by characteristics of your local food environments.  My presentation will highlight some of the geographical approaches my team is using to examine local food environments in communities throughout Southwestern Ontario.  I will present some of our findings on the importance of geographic access to (un)healthy food on population health and local economic development.  To conclude, I will discuss some of the strategies and policy recommendations we have presented to public health units and municipal policymakers for planning healthy and vibrant communities.

Student Philanthropy Council – Panel on Social Justice

The Student Philanthropy Council would like to welcome all students to a Panel on Social Justice on Wednesday, November 20th 2013 from 6 to 830pm. This speaker series will focus on how to enter into a career of social justice.  One of our guest panel speakers is Kevin Manaugh, who is a prof in urban systems. Speakers will be activists with varying backgrounds of social justice such as the environment, anti-ageism, gender equality, equality for sexual orientation, and anti-racism. The evening will begin with a panel discussion, followed by a reception where you'll have the opportunity to meet the panelists."
The link to registering for the event: https://www.alumni.mcgill.ca/aoc/events-travel/EventDetails.php?id=MjA5OTY%3D

Funded MA Opportunity at the University of Guelph: Volunteer Tourism and Marine Conservation

I seek a MA student to join a SSHRC-funded project examining volunteer tourism and marine conservation in Belize. I am looking for applicants with an interest in: political ecology, neoliberal conservation, and/or the politics of knowledge. Applicants should have strong oral and written communication skills and hold (or be near completing) an undergraduate degree in Geography or a related social science (Anthropology, Environmental Studies, etc). Students with a background in biological aspects of marine conservation will also be considered, if they show potential and interest in developing a social science project. Experience living, working, or studying in a cross-cultural context would be an asset, as would scuba certification.

Students will receive full financial support for two years (five semesters), following the policy in the Department of Geography at the University of Guelph.  Additional funding is also available to cover research expenses.

For more information on the MA program at the University of Guelph (including application details) please see: http://www.uoguelph.ca/geography/grad/index.shtml

For more information about this MA opportunity please contact Dr. Noella Gray at grayn@uoguelph.ca, ideally before submitting a formal application.

Cool thing of the week

Here is a video submitted by Professor Forest of a time lapse of every nuclear explosion on earth. It's very cool! Though I admit that after the 3rd minute you kind of get the idea, you can skip ahead to a certain year to watch any nuclear explosion that is close to your heart.



Have a great week!
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