Pumpkin Scandal!

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  1. GeoSpectives logo contest
  2. Redpath Museum Journal Call for Submissions!
  3. Mobile Health Clinic Fundraiser
  4. OIKOS Project McGill - Holistic Education walk
  5. Participate in Culture Shock Week!


Guys, I'm going to tell you a secret. Are you ready?


Pumpkin by itself doesn't taste like anything!

That's right, just like that apple pie made out of crackers rather than apples (Link), pumpkin flavour is really only simulated by the pumpkin pie spices. I seriously think you could make a pumpkin pie out of potatoes and it would taste the same. So next time someone goes "Omg I love pumpkin things!" You should be like "Well that's too bad because that pie you just ate is made out of potatoes. ZING."

Enough of my sense of humour for now. So many exciting things are happening in the beautiful, pumpkin-y, Thanksgiving season of fall! Check out all the volunteer and fundraising opportunities this week.

GeoSpectives logo contest

We are still holding our GeoSpectives Logo contest! Submissions are being accepted until October 15th, send your submission as a .jpg file to mcgillgeography@gmail.com!

Redpath Museum Journal Call for Submissions!

We are looking for research papers, photo essays, artwork and interviews that focus on the Redpath Museum, the museum's collection, McGill or Montreal. If you have a piece you would like to submit, or have any questions about this year's journal, hit us up at redpathmuseumclub@gmail.com. Check out our website for more information about the club, visit: http://redpathmuseumclub.wordpress.com/

Mobile Health Clinic Fundraiser

The Uganda Wildlife Authority and McGill University are developing a Mobile Health System around Kibale National Park, Uganda. To raise money for their cause, they are selling baked goods and baskets from Uganda out of an ambulance on campus from 11am to 2pm. See you all there!

OIKOS Project McGill - Holistic Education walk

Ever pondered on the question, "What is education for?"

By diving into nature to provoke memories, observations and story telling, we ask participants to reflect on their learning experiences, and the contribution of their education to the collective challenge of sustainability. This walk will feature a range of activities and encourage us to be more aware of our interior life and surroundings. Feel free to join even if you are just looking for a breather outside of your studies!

Date and Time: Every Wednesday at 4pm; the walk takes approximately one hour

Where: Meet at Gardner Hall (finishing at Ave Des Pins/Peel)

More information about the walk can be found at http://www.oikosmcgill.wix.com or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/groups/oikosmcgill/

If you wish to contact us, please email us at oikosmcgill@gmail.com.

Participate in Culture Shock Week!

QPIRG's Culture Shock Week is starting off with a panel called Canada Behind Bars: On the Incarceration of Indigenous Communities, With Jessica Danforth, Patricia Eshkibok, and Sheri Pranteau. Please see the attachments for other cool events happening in Culture Shock Week!

This panel brings forth a conversation about the forms of violence faced by Indigenous communities (especially Indigenous women) in the face of incarceration. Those forms of violence are structural just as much as they seep in the quotidian life of First Nations peoples who may or may not find themselves behind bars. Looking at the prison as a state apparatus, "Canada Behind Bars: On the Incarceration of Indigenous Communities," will engage in perspectives from women who experience incarceration from different perspectives: Patricia Eshkibok, who has been a native courtworker for the last 25 years; Sheri Pranteau, who has been serving out a life sentence for the past 15 years; and Jessica Danforth, as a sexual and reproductive justice activist struggling for communities that are free of state violence. The talk will be followed by a Q&A with the speakers.

Thursday, October 10th – 6pm 2515 Delisle (CEDA), Metro Lionel Groulx

Cool Thing of the Week

Hey guys, I actually don't hate pumpkin. Here's nine great uses for pumpkin other than pie!!


And how to make your own, coffee-free, pumpkin spice latte


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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