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  1. Skating at Parc Lafontaine
  3. Geography Photo of the Year Contest
  4. Field Notes call for submission
  5. KANATA call for submission
  6. Haida Gwaii Semester
  7. SSMU Sustainability Case Competition
  8. Work your BA Panel
EHMAGAWD Campus just flooded and everyone is running around not knowing what to do with themselves! What a mess. But seriously I hope everyone got home safe with minimal damage to your personal property.

Skating at Parc Lafontaine
We're going skating this Sunday! Come to Parc Lafontaine at 5pm on February 3rd where you can rent skates or bring your own. We'll meet on the bridge over the lake but if you come a bit late just meet us on the ice. We will go to Stephanie's for hot chocolate afterward!

We're still taking people for assassins until Friday, when all players will receive their first target. Email your name to IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO CLICK 'ATTENDING' ON THE FACEBOOK GROUP.

Geography Photo of the Year Contest
It's back! We are now taking submissions for Photo of the Year Contest. The theme is "Home". We'll be taking submissions until March 8th, which is the end of reading week.

Field Notes call for submission
The Geography Undergraduate Journal is still looking for submissions of original research papers! Deadline is February 5th, send them to

KANATA call for submissions
KANATA, the Undergraduate Journal of the Indigenous Studies, is looking for paper submissions! They have extended their deadline to February 11th. They are also looking for artistic input such as poems, photos, and art. Send your submissions or questions to and don't forget to check out the attached flyer!

Haida Gwaii Semester
The Haida Gwaii Semesters in Natural Resource Studies provide a unique opportunity to study in living classrooms inspired by the communities, people and environments of Haida Gwaii. Earn 15 upper-level credits (awarded by UBC).
Come for the Fall Semester (Sept. - Dec.) for a natural science focus, or the Winter Semester (Jan. - April) for a social science approach.
Watch a short video about the Haida Gwaii Semesters.
Apply today! We're currently accepting applications and spaces are limited!
Visit for more information, or contact us at -

SSMU Sustainability Case Competition
Apply to this year's case competition for the chance to showcase your vision for a redesigned McTavish Street! Win great prizes!
Apply at and visit our Facebook page for more information.

Work your BA Panel
There's lots of stuff going on for all you people that like learning about jobs and stuff that you can do with a BA. There are a couple upcoming events this week, and you can check out the facebook event here!
Student Leader Panel – Jan. 29th Lev B, Shatner 12:00-1:30 (we have the room 11:30-2:00)
Graduate and Professional School Panel – Jan. 30th 12:00-1:30 Brown 5001
Registration for the event here:

Cool Thing of the Week
Our dear friend Courtney sent a cool thing that maps clean air in Asia. You can see which major cities have good or poor air quality, and you can even style your nose hair! (Very fun)

Have a fabulous week, stay dry and safe!

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