The last listserv of the semester!

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  1. MUGS Clothing
  2. International Fellowship Program
  3. MSURJ call for submissions!
  4. McGill Canadian Science Games

Hey guys! The semester's winding down so there are no more events coming up. Hope you guys have an awesome last few days of semester, and that you all do well on your final exams. I guess every listserv writer has to do a little missed connections thing, but I'm going to do something a little bit different:

Professor Coomes,

I know you were on my bus to school the other morning. I'm sorry I didn't say hi, but it was 9 am and my music was on, and I had just scored a good seat awkwardly far away from you. I hope my blatant effort to pretend that I hadn't noticed you won't be interpreted as overly rude, and that you will still write me a letter of reference if I ever ask for one. I will never forget the time you drove me to the SAQ on the 290 trip.

1)      MUGS Clothing

Today is the last day for buying geography clothes!

2)      International Fellowship Program

Recruitment for the 2013-2014 International Fellowship Program is now open! The Fellowship Program includes three streams: International Development Management (IDM), International Microfinance and Microenterprise (IMM) and Young Professionals in Media (YPM). With Fellowship positions in fields as diverse as early childhood education, enterprise/market development, communications and media, the Fellowship Program is an exceptional opportunity for students from a variety disciplines. For more info or to apply, please visit the website:

3)      MSURJ Call for submissions!

The McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal is now accepting papers! If you are an undergraduate student with an original science research paper, visit the website at or email at for more info. They are accepting submissions until January 14th, 2013.

4)      McGill Canadian Science Games

Join the McGill team for the Canadian University Science Games, which will be taking place at University of Western Ontario from January 17th-20th. Registration is $75/person, which covers food, accomodation and events. If interested, there are 10 positions available so email at for more information!

5)      Cool Map of the Week

Wow, aren't you going to miss these for the next month or so?? Here is your last cool map of the week:



 Happy holidays everyone!


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