MUGS: Last chance to get Geog Clothing, Curling, and More!

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Happy Almost-Reading-Week Everyone, Just a few pressing things:

i) LAST CHANCE TO BUY GEOGRAPHY CLOTHING: If you would still like to look your best in McGill Geography clothing, you can drop off an order form and cheque/cash tomorrow in the Geo Lounge between 1 and 3! ABSOLUTELY-POSITUTELY-LAST CHANCE!

ii) 3RD FLOOR LOUNGE INFO: As some of you may have noticed, we've gotten rid of a few couches. We promise that this would have never happened if we weren't getting a whole bunch of awesome NEW COUCHES/CHAIRS this week! However, in order to clean the floor and move everything out/in the lounge may be out of commission from tomorrow night to Thursday.'s for the best, and, on Monday the 27th we'll be having a Grand re-opening party, to which you're all invited and expected, from 12:00-1:30.

iii) CURLING: Check out the poster that's attached for the 2nd annual ECOSPIEL epic match-up between us and our fiercely hated rivals Environment on Sunday, March 4th. After you check out the poster act on your combined love of curling (or trying new sports), pride for geography, and distaste for all things environment by e-mailing Nigel (at and joining the team!

iv) PIC OF THE WEEK: To those spending reading week on the field course in Barbados
....I'm a little jealous -

v) MAPS OF THE WEEK: A few awesome folks' dream metros-

Wishing you all a great and relaxing Reading Week,


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