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Strategic Summit on Sustainability. Fri Jan 20. 2:30.
Shatner (University Centre) 2nd floor, Lev Buhkman Room.

Sustainability is big. It’s a big ongoing conversation, and hugely multi-faceted. Balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations is the classic core of sustainability. It’s about stuff like health and not wasting money, not just recycling and biking. How do we make this community sustainable? How does a student union act to make that happen? How do we do this strategically, without wasted efforts? The answers aren’t crystal clear yet, so your input is super-valuable in helping this community to do some really cool shit! Join the conversation (hosted by SSMU), talk to fellow students & some McGill staff, eat some tasty snacks, and let’s get cracking. Send questions & comments to sustainability.coord@ssmu.mcgill.ca

Geostats Intern – MyFuture job posting number 36598

• Assist the Geostatistics team by performing basic and entry-level geostatistics research and evaluation assignments; including but not restricted to geologic field or mine data collection, minor calculations and relatively simple tests.
• Technical skills learned at the university level are applied in the practical environment and developed through predominantly on-the-job training.
• Training focus is toward operational or project development.

During a summer internship, a Geostats Intern may participate in the following activities:
• Using established procedures, compile, correlate and analyze basic data.
• Using standard commercial software (Microsoft Excel, Word) as well as specialized geologic software to complete data analysis and resource modeling.
Location: Denver, CO. USA

Deadline Dec. 30th 2011

There is also a position for a Geostatistician with an Msc that doesn’t require experience (myFuture reference 36646)