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This week's listserv courtesy of my new VP Communications partner in crime, Josh Fagen! read on!

Howdy Geographers!
Hope the Turkey hangover isn't too bad, here's some news and upcoming events:

i) RECEPTION FOR MCGILL ALUMNUS: This Thursday, from 2:30-3:30 the McGill Geography department is hosting a reception for Alan Hart, a McGill Grad of 1974 who is now a director of the VIA architecture firm (www.via-architecture.com<http://www.via-architecture.com<UrlBlockedError.aspx>>) in Vancouver and Seattle. The reception will be in Burnside 426, and should be quite interesting for any and all of you interested in things such as sustainable architecture, infrastructure development, etc. Check it out!

ii) HARVEST CHALLENGE: The red and yellow leaves outside mean Harvest Challenge is coming up! Get ready to have your stomachs filled with home-made pies, apple cider, apple sauce, and candy. The interestingly-named Apple Dangle, a game in which you try grabbing an apple in your mouth while it is dangling from the ceiling, will be back this year. And who would want to miss pumpkin carving, face-painting, AND face-in-hole fun, where you could become a turkey or a pumpkin! Everyone's invited to come celebrate autumn with us in the Geo lounge at noon on October 17.

iii) LOUNGE CLEANING: This Friday afternoon, the MUGS lounge on the 3rd floor of Burnside is getting CLEANED, come and help make it spick-and-span!

iv) CHILI AND FRISBEE!!: Thanks to all those who indulged in the delicious chilli...hopefully next year we can have some Frisbee too! A BIG shout out to Dan and co. for cooking the delicious chilli.

v) UPCOMING MUGS/McGill Geography EVENTS: Start getting pumped—Dr. Curt Richardson from Duke University will be giving two lectures at McGill, on Wednesday, October 26th and Friday, October 28th; our awesome Apartment Crawl is officially going to be the first Friday in November (watch out for ticket selling info!); and GIS day'll be November 16th. Keep your eyes and ears open for more info soon!

vi) LOCKERS: Lockers from last year that have not been renewed and still had a lock on them have now been CUT. If your locker is one of these, your belongings are now available to be picked up in the MUGS Lounge, Burnside rm 305. If an executive is not around, feel free to email mcgillgeography@gmail.com<mailto:mcgillgeography@gmail.com> to make an appointment.

vii) AWESOME GEOG BLOG: Don't forget to check out our great new geography blog at mcgillgeography.blogspot.com It's got tons of great links and info like MUGS updates, job postings, special events, and photos!

viii) MAP(S) OF THE WEEK: Thought we'd start this new addition to the listserve off with Canada represented as a "gridded population cartogram"- http://www.worldpopulationatlas.org/carto_can.htm

Cartograms of the rest of the world's countries can be found right here: http://www.worldpopulationatlas.org/index_text.htm#<http://www.worldpopulationatlas.org/index_text.htm>

ix) OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From Banff! http://i.imgur.com/o3lv7.jpg

Have a great (short) week!



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