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Hellooo Geographers!
Here are some updates and awesome upcoming events! Check it:

i) MUGS POSITIONS: Nomination forms for Sustainability and U1 reps are due next Wednesday, the 28th of Sept, by 4pm! The forms can be found in the lounge (Burn 305) and can be dropped off in the lounge or to any executive member. Come join MUGS and let your student voice be heard!

ii) CHILI AND FRISBEE!! It's back! On October 3 at NOON, join us for this great fall tradition, where hot chilli (and possibly some other tasty treats) will be served in the lounge! If we are energetic enough after all that food and the rain holds off, we'll then head outside for a friendly game of frisbee!

iii) LOCKERS: Lockers from last year that have not been renewed and still had a lock on them have now been CUT. If your locker is one of these, your belongings are now available to be picked up in the MUGS Lounge, Burnside rm 305. If an executive is not around, feel free to email mcgillgeography@gmail.com<mailto:mcgillgeography@gmail.com> to make an appointment.

iv) AWESOME GEOG BLOG: Don't forget to check out our great new geography blog at mcgillgeography.blogspot.com<http://mcgillgeography.blogspot.com> It's got tons of great links and info like MUGS updates, job postings, special events, and photos!

v) APPLICATIONS: Just a friendly reminder to all you lovely geographers that if you are applying for fellowships, funding, grad schools, etc, make sure you APPLY EARLY and know your deadlines! The strike has delayed lots of admin processes at McGill, so students are encouraged to check the precise dates for ex. SSHRC grants. And for graduating students, Master's applications are due in October so start requesting transcripts and letters of support now. Good luck!

That's it for now! Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekends!



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