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Hello Geographers!
Give yourself a quick break and check this out:

i) CLOTHING: I feel like a broken record but.. If you haven't picked up your clothing yet- hurry! We are having OFFICE HOURS Monday and Tuesday this coming week from 12-2 so come by the lounge and get your stuff! If absolutely neither of those times works for you, email mcgillgeography@gmail.com<mailto:mcgillgeography@gmail.com> and we'll work something out.

ii) FACULTY ADDITION: Dr. Adam Millard Ball will be joining the Geography department beginning July 2011 in our new Urban Sustainability position. He will be teaching GEOG 494 (Urban Field Studies) in the Fall 2011 term. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Millard Ball to Geography!
Also Dr. Tim Moore will be returning as Chair of the Geography department, beginning next fall. Welcome back!

iii) PEER ADVISING PROGRAM: Interested in helping out your fellow classmates? Check out the SOUSA Peer Advising Program for next year- they are now recruiting volunteers for 2011-2012. Check out the attached poster above.

iv) VOLOUNTEER/INTERNSHIP IN MADAGASCAR: check it out... Azafady is a UK charity and Malagasy non-profit organization which has been working in response to local communities' expressed needs on environmental, humanitarian and sustainable livelihoods projects in southeast Madagascar for over 15 years. We offer a limited number of opportunities to get involved in these projects for 2-10 weeks.
Our volunteer programs are award-winning, having been awarded the Responsible Tourism award for "Best Volunteering Organization" in 2007. However Azafady is not just a volunteering organization; first and foremost we are a respected sustainable development NGO. As such, by volunteering with us students gain valuable experience in the workings of a grassroots conservation and development NGO, in addition to the opportunity to learn about the many issues faced in developing countries first-hand and to make a genuine contribution to local communities and their environment.
Our volunteer and internship programs can be beneficial to students regardless of their field of study but would be of particular interest to students of Geography, for the particular kinds of knowledge, vocational skills and hands-on experience which you acquire.
Our 10-week Pioneer Programme, designed to give participants an all-round introduction to international development work starts on the 1st of July this summer, with teams also starting in January, April and October each year. Alternatively, the new Azafady Conservation Programme offers students the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of our conservation work for 2-10 weeks - from running environmental education sessions and tree-planting, to monitoring lemur behavior and researching critically endangered reptiles and amphibians. We also have a short-term volunteer programme, which is running in July (now only two places left) and August, where volunteers join Pioneer for 2 or 3 weeks to assist on school-building projects. In order to participate in our programmes volunteers fundraise a minimum donation for the charity before travelling to Madagascar with our hands-on help.
You can view more information specifically for university and college students, in color and with pictures here: http://www.azafady.org/azafady_mailer/webUS_17022010.html
Or you can see our website for further details: http://www.azafadyusa.org/
You can also find Azafady on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AzafadyMadagascar, twitter: http://twitter.com/azafady and read all the latest news from our projects on the Azafady Blog: http://azafady.us/blog/
If you would like more information regarding Azafady's volunteer programmes, please feel free to contact us at our London office on +44(0)208 960 6629 or via email at info@azafadyusa.org<mailto:info@azafadyusa.org> . Best wishes, Sarah Lamb (Volunteer Coordinator, Azafady)

That's it for now! Good luck on finals everyone!



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