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Happy December my fellow geographers!

A few things to note before you get too lost in exams and then scamper home for the holidays..

i) Let's get the nagging out of the way first- do your COURSE EVALUATIONS!! The deadline for regular
course evaluations is Sunday, December 5 (that's tomorrow!) .. dooo theeeeemmm. They help our Profs
improve future course offerings, inform decision-makers for merit, promotion and tenure, and teaching awards,
and help reach response thresholds so that results can be available to students.

ii) WANTED: Students for GEOG360!! When you stand in the supermarket, do you wonder which choice is
more environmental, organic grapes from Chile or grain-fed beef from Quebec? GEOG 360 (Analyzing
Sustainability) will help you decide! This course will be offered for the first time this coming Winter term
2011. The course will use a set of case studies to introduce you to analytical tools that are in use today to
address challenges in sustainability. If the topics intrigue you, we welcome students from a wide range of
backgrounds to the course. If you do not have the required pre-requisites, please send an email to Prof.
Navin Ramankutty ( with a short statement about why you would like to take the
course and what you hope to get out of it, and attach a current transcript (informal copy is fine, copied &
pasted from Minerva or saved as PDF).

iii) Don't panic. :)

Good luck on all your finals, concentrate when you need, relax when you need, get help when you need, and freedom
will be upon you before you know it! MUGS wishes you all a wonderfully fun and safe break, and we'll see you back
in January for more awesome times!


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