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Helloooo Geographers! This edition is long, yes, but full of awesome AWESOME information so READ IT! :)

i) Our yearly Harvest Challenge Day is coming up this Monday October 18th. Starting at 12:30 in the lounge
(and running as long as people stick around) get ready for tons of fun autumn activities like bobbing
for apples, pumpkin carving, and facepainting! There will also be a candy count, and a raffle for
geography t-shirts. Harvest Challenge will also be the kick-off of our ongoing clothing drive!
Come drop off unwanted clothes to donate to local charity, or swap clothes instead of buying new!

ii) The Next Geospectives is also Monday October 18th at 11am (Burnside 426): "Land use, climate
change and resilience in Nenets social-ecological systems, Arctic Russia". Given by Dr. Bruce
Forbes of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, he was George Wenzel's first PhD
student – so come see how McGill grads turn out! Refreshments will be served at 10:45.

iii) Need some extra money? Interested in Urban Geography? Nithya Vijayakumar, with the school of
Urban Planning, is doing research with the TRAM research group at McGill on bus services in
Montreal. They need students to survey users to get an understanding of user's travel behaviour
on specific routes. They are paying $12/hr + transit + food. This is a great opportunity to learn
about current transit research in Montreal and at McGill. Interested students can contact

iv) Scheduling! The geography department is aware that there have been an increased number of scheduling
conflicts in undergraduate courses for the Fall 2010 term. In order to improve scheduling performance,
they welcome faculty and students to provide feedback on potential course conflicts that can be flagged
for future terms. These can apply to either the Fall or Winter semesters: Which courses taken by
Geography students should not be offered with conflicting times? Are there course conflicts this term
which you would like to avoid for future semesters? To submit feedback, go to:
http://www.geog.mcgill.ca/documents/feedback%20request.pdf Deadline for submission: October 31st, 2010

v) Are you concerned about the social and environmental impacts of Canadian mining companies operating
abroad? Bill C-300 - The Responsible Mining bill- will be voted on by the House of Commons in the
coming weeks. This legislation aims to put in place labour, human rights and environmental standards
for Canadian mining, oil and gas companies operating internationally and to hold companies accountable
for abusive practices. If you care about getting this ambitious piece of legislation passed, show your
support by contacting your MP. To get more information, sign a petition in favour of the bill or find
a template letter to write to your MP, check out the MICLA blog http://www.miclamcgill.blogspot.com/
and the facebook group "Students for Bill C-300"

vi) Heard of TeDxMcgill?? A group of student volunteers "promoting ideas worth spreading" are looking for
volunteers for their next event November 20th. Apply to attend TEDxMcGill's event @


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