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Hello Geographers!

i) The rally to save the Architecture Cafe is TODAY in front of Leacock at 2 PM!! Come let your student voice be heard!

ii) MUGS has two wonderful candidates running for FINANCE REPRESENTATIVE this year: Samuel Dubois and Sagar Gupta. Voting will commence today
at 10am and close next Tuesday the 28th at 3:30pm. Please send an email with the name of your preferred candidate to mcgillgeography@gmail.com,
with "VOTE" in the subject line (all votes are confidential). Each candidates' information will follow at the bottom of this message- take a look!

iii) GEOSPECTIVES continues next Monday the 27th from 11 until 12:30pm in Burnside 426. One of our new postdocs, Nama Budhathoki, will be speaking
about his research on citizen mapping on the internet (or why non-geographers are soon going to put professional geographers out of work) – details below.

iv) CHILI AND FRIZBEE is coming! Next Thursday the 30th at 4pm, come to the lounge (305) for some tasty chili, followed by frisbee in the field!! Come, be fed,
and meet some new people or hang out with old friends!


Finance Candidates...

To my dearest Geography fellows,
My name is Samuel Dubois and I am running to become your next VP Finance for YOUR Student Association: MUGS. You may recognize me from such places as
the GIC, the MUGS lounge, or any other room in Burnside (other than the math floor…) I think you should vote for me as your next VP Finance for at least three
reasons: 1) As I am in my third year of the honours program in Geography, I am clearly in debt. However, don't worry, I am certainly the best one to keep track
of your money; 2) Thanks to my previous four part-time jobs, I have developed a addictive hobby of counting cash on a regular basis; and 3) As for my skills in
finance, I can use a scientific calculator, sign checks, and create an excel sheet… at the same time!! So if you want to enhance the fun you will have at the apartment
crawl, the sugar shack, and all the other amazing activities MUGS will organize for you, please vote for me:
Samuel Dubois.

I want to run for VP Finance of MUGS mostly because I want to get more involved in the student (non-academic) aspect of the geography faculty. I am in my final
year at McGill and really want to take advantage of opportunities that allow me to be an active student. I have a nerdy passion for geography, and want to be a MUGS
exec in order to help the team run at its best so it can positively impact all geography students. I also have experience in the field of finance: in high school, I was the
Treasurer (and President) of the Graduation Committee, and because I am great at money management I was able to generate an $8000 profit; I also worked for a
financial consulting company during the summer, which gave me concrete experience in the area. I'd really love to become VP Finance of MUGS, and to give back to the
group that puts so much into geography student life.

thanks a lot


Geospectives abstract:

With the advent of read-write web (i.e. web 2.0), citizens are beginning to contribute geographic information and collaboratively produce maps in the Internet. Geospatial
tools like Google Map, Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, OpenStreetMap—called "next utility" (NRC, 2010)—increasingly allow citizens to share their everyday spatial experience.
This new mode of production is intriguing, particularly because it defies the traditional expert-driven production and provision of maps and geographic information. Although there
are some speculations, little empirical evidence exists regarding who the citizen mappers are and why they spend time and effort in contributing to geospatial public good. In this
presentation, I will answer these questions using the results of an empirical study.

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