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Good morning Geographers,


There are two positions open on our fine team. We need a Sustainability Representative who is knowledgeable about how to make our events and purchases more sustainable, and we're also looking for a U1 Geography Representative to represent the class of 2012. If anyone is interested, here is the application form:

1) Student ID, year, program, e-mail address
2) A brief summary (list or paragraph) of any previous organizational experience activities.

3a) Sustainability Representative: A short paragraph about why you want to be involved with MUGS in this position and/or how you understand sustainability as it applies to a geography student organization.
3b) U1 Representative: A short paragraph about why you want to be involved with MUGS, what you hope to do and/or why you love the geography department.

These applications must be submitted by e-mail to mcgillgeography@gmail.com no later than September 25 at 5:35 PM. Remember, both positions must be held by students in any geography program (either in arts or science).

ii) Lockers

Lockers are still being sold during the upcoming week in the MUGS lounge. There will be no drop in hours however you can stop by the MUGS lounge to inquire or you may arrange an appointment by emailing MUGS at mcgillgeography@gmail.com.

iii) Frisbee and Chili

Keep your ears, eyes and nose ready for our annual "Frisbee and Chili" event in early October


VP Communications,
Francine Berish

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