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The annual MUGS apartment crawl will be held next Friday, November 9th. The theme of this year is "Spectrum Party". Each apartment will feature a different color of the spectrum as its theme. We will begin with a potluck dinner at the MUGS lounge, and crawl all around the island (bus tickets provided) over the course of the night.

We'll be selling tickets in the MUGS lounge next week, times to be announced.

Geography Town Hall

MUGS is planning to sponsor a Geography Town Hall Event, where students can come, eat, socialize, and talk about their views on Geography, the academic programs, courses, et cetera. It is tentatively planned for Thursday, Novermber 15th. Save the date! More to come later ...

GIS DAY 2007 - Wednesday, November 14 - 10am-5pm - Burnside Library 5th Floor

Put it in your agenda! Not to be missed:
- Speakers and Mini-presentations
- GIS Companies, Career, Grad school Info
- Displays, Kiosks, Free Stuff

For more info, or to present/display your research, email mary.pattison@mail.mcgill.ca


Attention Urban Systems and GIS students:
What: INFRA 2007
Date : Nov 5, 07 ~ Nov 7, 07
Venue : Sheraton Laval and Centre des congrès de Laval, in Laval, QC
Event Language : Bilingual
Who: Urban Planners and GIS
Cost: Free
Website: http://www.ceriu.qc.ca/fr/evenements__formation/infra/infra_2007.asp
Transportation: Take the Metro to Laval to the TERMINUS MONTMORENCY, get out and walk to bus stop METRO MONTMORENCY, take bus route 903  towards Saint-Eustache, OR bus route 39 towards Terminus Le Carrefour. Get off at bus stop TERMINUS LE CARREFOUR, Walk for 400 meters ( http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/w/simulateur/index.wcs?lng=a&DEST=FGEN101042)

There will be several people going, so please email mary.pattison@mail.mcgill.ca to organise travelling in a group, its more fun!

Brought to you by the GIS Club!


 Does the thought of graduation make you break out into a cold sweat? Wondering where you're going with your degree? There is a solution!

     If the term quarter-life crisis is becoming part of your everyday vocabulary, or maybe you just want some free pens, come check out the Science Undergraduate Society's second annual Career and Graduate Education Fair on November 7 from 11AM to 4PM in the McConnell Engineering and Leacock hallways.
     This year's fair is expanded and better than ever! With schools and companies from across Canada and the United States, you're sure to find something just right. Be prepared, get informed, and make the right choice for you. That quarter-life crisis can be over in one afternoon!

  If you're interested in volunteering for the event, contact arthur.lau2@mail.mcgill.ca .
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