Opportunity to represent Geography at the Faculty Science Comittee

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On behalf of Nathaniel Winata (VP Academic, SUS):

Hey MUGS and Geography students!

I want your at least one of the students in your department to
be involved in the Faculty of Science Committee or Academic Committee. Why?
These committees are the highest governing body in Science and implicated
in many issues concerning all of science or concerning your department.  As
of this moment, I do not have anyone from your department here to represent
what your department has to say on issues in Science or about changes that
may occur in your programs.  You can read a more thorough description of
the committees in the application form.

So if you (as a departmental council member or as a student of the
department) are in Science(in the department of Geography), are in good
academic standing, and are still studying in Mcgill and want to make a
difference, please fill out the (1)application form and send it in attached
with a (2)resume and your (3)student number back to me as soon as you can.
The latest deadline I can offer is Thursday August 23rd 2007. Since the
Committee meets in September, I need to finalize the list soon.  THE SOONER
YOU SEND IT, THE BETTER! Please note that the person applying does not have
to be on the departmental council.

Representing your department is not only an awesome and scary
responsibility, but it also looks great on your resume, gives you a chance
to meet the Dean of Science and other professors in Science, and offers you
the chance to experience how political system works at McGill.

Hope to hear from any potential candidates soon!

Nathaniel Winata

VP Academic Affairs
Science Undergraduate Society

McGill University
Burnside Hall 1B21
805 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2K6
Tel: (514) 398 6979
Fax: (514) 398 6766

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